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Maca as a potency enhancer – Our experiences

Maca is a species of plant that originates in South America, especially Peru. The Maca plant has been cultivated in the region for over 2000 years and has been very popular with the local people ever since and is used as a food and potency agent.

Since this article deals primarily with Maca as a potency agent, we will concentrate mainly on the relevant properties of this otherwise very diverse plant and intensively on the question of whether Maca is suitable as a potency agent, as claimed.

The Maca plant as tuber, root, powder or capsule

The Maca plant consists of a tuber and a root and both parts of the plant have different characteristics which affect the human body accordingly. While the tuber is very popular as a healthy food, many swear by the potency enhancing properties of the root of the plant. Maca is available on the European market and in canned powder and capsule form, the capsule being used as a dietary supplement. The powder is not used for this purpose. The capsules contain an extract obtained from the tuber of the Maca plant.
The maca contained in the capsule in particular is said to have a vitalising effect on the body and is considered a natural aphrodisiac. Although this is not uncontroversial, there should be scientific evidence to prove it. According to them, Maca increases testosterone levels in men and as a result the libido and potency is increased. The whole should provide in the final effect for an improved orgasm ability.
All reason enough to put these performance and above all potency enhancing properties of Maca to the test in this article, which has made a name for itself as a potency enhancer in this country. Can you really rely on this plant as a sexual enhancer? Below we explain it in all its aspects.

✅ What promises Maca?

In Peru, the country of origin, the maca plant has been used for many generations as one of the most important foods of the local people. Already over 1000 years ago their health advantages were known to the Incas. It was not for nothing that the people of Inca called it “Royal Meal”. It was only with Spaniards that the plant came to Europe several hundred years ago.

Maca Effect

Maca is famous for its strong aphrodisiac properties as a natural sexual enhancer and many men in the region of origin know that they can rely on this plant when things don’t go well in bed. This potency-enhancing effect is said to be so great that in some villages of today’s Peru only married couples are allowed to make use of it. In addition, the benefits of the plant should not be limited to potency enhancing properties. Maca is also said to be very rich in nutrients and vitamins, which makes it have other positive effects on the human body.

60 different vital substances should be contained in the Maca plant and for this reason it is used as a foodstuff that provides far-reaching positive effects for the human body. Thanks to the sterols contained in the plant, the tank is supplied with fresh blood and the sex drive is stimulated. Especially in men with potency disorder the libido should be increased.
However, a difference between Maca and Viagra must be pointed out, as there are general misunderstandings about this. While Viagra undergoes a chemical process that increases blood flow by dilating the blood vessels in the penis, it is designed to increase sexual performance naturally and permanently. By the way, the quality of the sperm should be improved throughout the whole process. There are also noteworthy differences between Maca and Viagra when it comes to intake, which will be discussed in the following lines.

✅ What are the advantages of Maca?

Before we go into the potency-enhancing properties of the maca plant, the ingredients it contains, which are supposed to be important for the human body, should not be left out. As mentioned above, the plant should be rich in nutrients and vital substances. The tuber and the root should contain a lot of active substances that are hardly found in any other vegetable. The list of these active ingredients is long: antioxidants are present in rich quantities alongside calcium, zinc, iron, iodine and various vitamins round off the overall package.
Since this article is primarily about Maca as a potency enhancer, we naturally cannot avoid the potency enhancing properties of the plant. It has already been explained above how the ancient peoples discovered the potency-promoting properties of Maca at that time. The plant was used both to increase libido and to treat erectile dysfunction. Today, this effect is primarily explained by the plant sterols contained in the root.
These should be similar to the body’s own testosterone and contribute to its formation. In addition, the sterols are intended to improve blood circulation in the pelvic tissue. Not only should men benefit from this in terms of potency, but in women it should also have a lust enhancing effect through a higher release of the female hormone estrogen. This means in the end that this wonder tuber is suitable for women as well as men. By the way, in connection with a general sense of well-being, it is intended to bring about a greater willingness to perform, which is particularly well received by athletes.

✅ What does Maca consist of?

One cannot stress enough that the Maca plant should be enormously rich in nutrients and vital substances. Although the plant occurs in different main forms, their active substances hardly differ from each other. In the following we look at them and their associated effects, which are attributed to the plant by nutrition experts.

Carbohydrates: After potatoes, maca is one of the most important staple foods in the Andes. One third of the carbohydrates found in the plant are fructose, with other varieties the proportion is even higher.

Dietary fiber: Maca contains large amounts of cellulose and lignans, which improve digestion and are rich in antioxidants.

Protein: Maca contains almost all important amino acids.

Fats: Maca contains about 20 unsaturated fatty acids, including Omega 6 and 9.

Macamides: Other fatty acids include macaense and macamides produced by drying the plant, which are performance-enhancing and good for the nervous system.
Vitamins: Maca contains vitamins B1, B2, C and B3.
Minerals: The long list of minerals contained in Maca includes calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and sodium.

Trace elements: copper, zinc, manganese, iron, selenium and boron are the trace elements that the plant contains.
Sterols: Maca has a number of sterols that affect the hormonal system.

There is a whole range of scientific research to prove the effects of maca root on sperm volume, sexual performance, physical performance and hormonal balance.

✅ How to use Maca?

First of all we let the cat out of the bag here. Anyone who imagined Maca taking the capsule once within minutes, as with Viagra, has a potency-enhancing effect, has cut himself enormously. A good portion of patience is required here.

Maca Dosage

Four capsules a day must be taken regularly, so that the first signs of the promised effect can only occur after 2 weeks. According to user experience, it can take up to 4 months for the potency enhancing effect to fully unfold.

There are many counterfeits of Maca on the internet, which are sold at overpriced prices. Of course, we recommend you the original product, shipped directly from the manufacturer. At the best price. Please note our quality promise

✅ What are the side effects of Maca?

The plant has relatively fewer side effects compared to other chemical-based products such as Viagra, as it is a completely natural product. However, there are reports of long-term users complaining of stomach pain, indigestion, flatulence, hyperactivity and headaches. However, these complaints are usually the result of too high a dosage. By the way, some people are allergic to Maca, for which no long-term studies are available.

Where to buy Maca?

Since Maca is a natural product and a dietary supplement, it can be bought without a prescription in the whole federal state. You can also buy the powder at drugstores like DM. However, the powder is not recommended for DM. You should always buy Maca as tablets in verified online shops. In addition, there are other preparations which contain the plant extract as one of the many components, but where the so-called maca effect is of course neglected because of the smaller quantity.
A can of Maca capsules costs on average 21 euros. Since a daily intake of 4 capsules is recommended, one can is sufficient for 45 days, which requires the purchase of a second can to allow the product to take full effect.

Result: How to recommend Maca?

Whether you can recommend Maca as a sexual enhancer is a fifty-fifty decision. The agent is one hundred percent a natural product and unfolds its effect accordingly without chemical processes. It is said to be rich in nutrients and vitamins that are important for the body. The side effects can only be observed under certain circumstances such as when the dosage is too high.
The negative thing about this remedy is that it must be taken 4 times a day on average over months before the desired effect occurs. That’s what makes this whole thing a lengthy process.

If you are patient, you can take your time to take the remedy in the form of a capsule. If you want to see results quickly, you should definitely keep your hands off Maca.

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