Cefagil Review 2023 ❤️ SCAM or LEGIT?

Cefagil is a sexual enhancer that, according to the manufacturer, is taken in cases of sexual weakness. Here an active ingredient called Turnera Diffusa is the main ingredient, also known as damiana, to treat sexual weakness. Cefagil’s greatest unique selling point is that it can be applied to both men and women and is designed to solve any problem related to sex. The wide range of effects includes, for example, increasing male and female libido, reducing orgasm difficulties in both sexes, and much more that we will discuss below.

Cefagil is a homeopathic remedy and consists only of natural active ingredients. Consequently, according to the manufacturer, side effects are excluded, including those that could result from interactions with other drugs. The preparation is available in various dosage forms as a tablet, droplet or ampoule for injection.

At Cefagil we are dealing with a sexual enhancer that is supposed to be the solution to all kinds of sexual problems, including premature ejaculation. In the truest sense of the word a panacea without equal. So can Cefagil deliver what it promises? Can there even be a drug like Cefagil that can successfully treat all sexual problems in men and women at the same time? As always, we take a close look at the preparation and tell you what its prospects of success are.

✅ What does Cefagil?

The manufacturer of Cefagil claims to have found a solution for all sexual problems in men and women at the same time with this preparation. The drug is said to have the following effects on men:

  • The male libido is significantly increased
  • Orgasm difficulties during sex are reduced to a minimum
  • Premature ejaculation is noticeably delayed
  • Erection problems are fixed

In women, Cefagil is said to have the following effects:

  • The female libido is increased
  • Orgasm wariness during sex is reduced to a minimum
  • The formation of vaginal secretion is stimulated
  • Aches during sex are prevented

In addition to this long list of effects promised by the manufacturer, Cefagil should be free of side effects as it is homeopathic. In addition, there should be no risk of application with regard to interactions, reactivity and existing pre-existing conditions.

✅ What are the advantages of Cefagil?

As already mentioned, the manufacturer of Cefagil promises to kill several birds with one stone. How the drug is supposed to do it is, of course, a big question mark. On the one hand such a wide-ranging effect of the active ingredient Damiana contained in Cefagil has not been scientifically proven, on the other hand the dosage is not sufficient to cause a potency-enhancing effect.

Cefagil is available in various dosage forms or as a liquid dilution for ingestion or injection and as a tablet for ingestion.

Like many other herbal sexual enhancers, the preparation should be completely free of side effects. The manufacturer adds another factor here and claims that there is no risk of application with regard to interactions, reaction capacity or already existing illnesses.

✅ What active ingredients are contained in Cefagil?

The main ingredient of Cefagil is the active ingredient Damiana, called Turnera Diffusa, which is said to have a positive effect on sexual weakness. Although there are scientific studies on Damiana, most of them relate to the health aspects. It has not yet been scientifically proven that Damiana can correct erectile dysfunction.

There is a study in rats on the potency enhancing effect of Damiana and it has indeed been observed that the regeneration times between ejaculations have shortened. The problem, however, is that such studies are difficult to transfer to humans and therefore not particularly revealing in terms of the expected effect. Based on the dosages used in rats, a person must take several times the amount of Damiana according to his body weight in order to achieve the same effect. This would correspond to a daily intake of up to 6.8 grams of Damiana with an average body weight of around 80 kg. If you consider that one Cefagil tablet contains 25 mg Damiana and that up to 3 tablets a day are taken with continuous use, this would be too little compared to other tablets. Even with an increase to 12 tablets per day, which is recommended by the manufacturer in acute cases, one would arrive at 300 mg per day. A huge number of tablets would still be necessary to achieve the desired effect.

✅ How to use Cefagil?

If Cefagil is used continuously, 1-3 tablets are taken per day. The duration of the application is unlimited, since the manufacturer is of the opinion that sexeulle weakness develops slowly and does not disappear in principle overnight. According to the manufacturer, in acute phases the intake can be increased up to 12 tablets per day without having to worry about health risks.

✅ Has Cefagil any side effects?

Since Cefagil consists of one hundred percent natural active ingredients, it should be completely free of side effects and treat sexual disorders in both men and women in a natural way. In addition, according to the manufacturer, the reaction capacity is not impaired when ingested and there are no interactions with other drugs.

How and where to buy Cefagil at what price?

Cefagil has its own website, but the product can only be bought over the counter in pharmacies and mail-order pharmacies. On the website you can find a list of pharmacies and mail-order pharmacies where the preparation can be bought or ordered in various quantities. The prices vary from provider to provider, but the listing of the different providers makes a price comparison possible. On average, a pack of 20 tablets costs 10 euros, which is not exactly favourable considering the amount to be taken daily.

Result: How recommendable is Cefagil?

While every remedy on the market usually promises a remedy for a certain sexual disorder, Cefagil tries to make a name for itself as a solution for all sexual problems. Logically, this sounds alarm bells before you even get close to the preparation. After much research, the initial doubts unfortunately proved to be true for the most part as feared. Although there have been studies on the effect of Damiana in male rats, these do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the positive effect in humans. On the one hand, the dosage used in the correct weight ratio is not transferable to humans and on the other hand, the active substance sildenafil contained in Viagra was used in addition to Damiana in the other study, which again makes it difficult to draw a conclusion regarding the increase in potency. In addition, according to many user experiences of men and women, no positive effects are noticeable in relation to sexual disorders.

Cefagil seems to deliver what it promises, at least in terms of side effects. Due to its homeopathic properties, the remedy is largely free of side effects if one looks at the user experiences on the net. Nevertheless, we believe that this alone is not enough to recommend Cefagil to others. For this reason, a purchase is definitely not advisable. You can invest the money in other means that are effective.

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