Muira Puama Review 2023 ❤️ SCAM or LEGIT?

It does not always have to be medical preparations, which increase the potency and thus help to a better sex life. A good example is a plant from South America, which apart from its many properties, which we will also discuss, should increase the male and female libido and provide more stamina during sex. The plant is named after Muira Puama and is a tree species that grows up to 15 meters in height. The name comes from the locals in the region and means nothing else than Potenzbaum. Already at that time centuries ago the unusual effect of this plant was known to the native Indios, why they should have rubbed their penis for potency increase with it.

Now the bark of the plant is available here in Germany in the form of extracts, powder, tea and raw in pharmacies and online without a prescription. It is said that the quality differs depending on how the rind is prepared. The product types that have undergone a longer and multi-stage production process should be more effective.

The effect of the plant is scientifically and clinically proven, but whether the forms known from the trade are any good is quite unclear. However, it cannot stop us from taking a look at Muira Puama to see if that story is truth or sales pitch.

✅ What does Muira Puama promise?

With Muira Puama we are primarily concerned with male and female potency, but other characteristics of the plant should not go unmentioned. Thanks to its nerve-soothing properties, the active ingredient is said to reduce nervousness and promote physical and mental well-being. The plant is also said to have a vitalising effect on the body.

With sufficient and frequent use, Muira Puama should increase potency and provide more stamina during sexual intercourse, which is partly due to its vitalizing effect. Shortly after the application one should notice a slight tingling sensation on the skin and in the genitals and the body should react more sensitively to touches of an erotic nature.

✅ What are the benefits of Muira Puama?

The greatest advantage of Muira Puama is that it is not a potency medication, but an aphrodisiac that is designed to increase male and female potency in a completely natural way. The fact that other properties, such as a vitalising effect, are shown during application emphasises the active ingredient above many others. In addition, side effects are excluded as Muira Puama is a completely natural active ingredient.

✅ How effective is Muira Puama?

There are clinical studies which prove the effectiveness of Muira Puama as a sexual enhancer. Many people from the region of origin have not been swearing by the potency-promoting effect of the plant for centuries for nothing. Judging by user experience, there are many positive reports that testify to the effect of Muira Puama as a sexual enhancer. However, the potency-enhancing effect should be limited in most cases. One should therefore not get too high hopes in this respect.

✅ How to use Muira Puama?

Muira Puama is available in different forms as capsules, tea, powder or raw and therefore there are different application possibilities. Of course, taking capsules is the easiest method. The powder can also be brought to the boil as tea and enjoyed after 15 minutes of infusion time. The effect should occur after 30 minutes and be remarkable. In addition, there is a peculiar method of application, according to which a lot of Muira Puama is boiled up and the genitals are rubbed with it. In fact, the indigenous people of the plant’s region of origin used to wash their penis in Muira Puama concentrate.

✅ Does Muira Puama have any side effects?

Since the active ingredient is extracted from a plant and therefore comes from nature, side effects are very rare and these are very easy to develop. Among the most common among them are: Abdominal pain, irritability and insomnia. Most of the side effects have to do with the vitalizing properties of Muira Puama.

How and where to buy Muira Puama at what price?

Muira Puama is over-the-counter and can be purchased in pharmacies and online. As already mentioned, the product is offered in various forms. The application with capsules is the easiest form of taking. A can of 90 capsules costs around 20 euros.

Result: How to recommend Muira Puama?

With Muira Puama it should have been clear from the beginning that we are dealing here with a natural aphrodisiac. To what extent the plant increases male and female potency is a question to which we cannot give a clear answer. In this respect, the opinions of women and men also differ widely in some cases.

Considering the relatively low price compared to other sexual enhancers and the health benefits, we can recommend Muira Puama for purchase. It’s definitely worth a try.

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