Testo Ultra Review

Testo Ultra is another product among the many supposedly potency-enhancing food supplements in capsule form available on the market in abundance. Testo Ultra is heavily advertised as significantly increasing testosterone levels in men, leading to a better sex life in many ways. In addition, the manufacturer guarantees with regular intake of Testo Ultra long-lasting strong erections, increased sexual energy and better stamina. The focus here is on the substance elfin flower and its active ingredient Icariin. In addition, the remedy consists of tongkat, nettle root and saw palmetto. However, the manufacturer’s website advertises the product too sensitively for taste, and we will go into this in more detail.

Testo Ultra has been on the market in Germany, Switzerland and Austria since the beginning of 2017. Unfortunately, the official website does not mention which company manufactures the product, which undoubtedly causes discomfort for potential buyers. Can Testo Ultra nevertheless really keep the many promises that have been advertised so sensationally? Does the elf flower, which is the main ingredient in Testo Ultra, actually have such potency enhancing properties as claimed by the manufacturer? How much is all this worth? In this article we look at the tool, put it to the test and clarify all potency-related questions.

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✅ What does the product promise?

In the introduction, we mentioned that Testo Ultra is too exaggerated and too much advertised for good taste. With all these promises, one might think that in terms of potency, the remedy is a miracle cure that has no equal.

Testo Ultra focuses on increasing the testosterone level. That’s what every review shows. All other effects which enrich the sex life of a man in many respects should proceed from this. In the following they are to be read in slightly modified form:

  • Example less pleasure and increased potency.
  • Self in wildest dreams sex pleasure never seen before.
  • Best sex in the world, strong erections, unparalleled stamina
  • Strong orgasms and more intense pleasure.

The elven flower, which is said to be the main component responsible for these effects, is known in specialist circles under the scientific name Epimedium and belongs to the barberry family. It is supposed to have an aphrodisiac effect, for which there are actually no sufficient scientific studies that prove it. The manufacturer even goes a big step further in its claims and says that the elf flower enlarges the penis.

✅ What are the advantages of the product?

For a successful sexual intercourse it is as is generally known first and foremost important that the penis of the man does not sag during sexual intercourse and always remains stiff. The testosterone-increasing effect of Testo Ultra is to be used here precisely. Accordingly, thanks to the product more blood should be supplied to the penis and thus a long-lasting erection of the male limb is possible. This in turn should have the effect that in connection with the long-lasting sexual act the pleasure feeling is increased and intensive high points are reached.

As already mentioned, Testo Ultra increases the testosterone level in men. By taking the remedy, the entire hormonal balance is improved accordingly. As a nice side effect the build-up of muscles should be supported, which in turn causes more endurance and energy especially during sports.

In addition, the antioxidants contained in Testo Ultra in abundant quantity are to be used, if a long sex act leaches out on the body affects. They are supposed to promote the formation of new cell tissue, whereby the erectile tissue of the penis quickly recovers and is fully functional again. Thanks to these properties of antioxidants, every sexual act should have a less tiring effect on the body and nothing should stand in the way of a lovemaking that is fully tasted.

According to Elfenblume, all these positive effects are mainly due to the substance elfenblume, which ensures a high blood circulation and high testosterone levels. However, the other ingredients contained in the product, such as Tongkat Ali root, saw palmetto and nettle root, should also contribute to a better sex life, which we will discuss in detail.

✅ What active ingredients are included?

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The epimedium, commonly known in professional circles under the name Elfenblume, is the main component of Testo Ultra and is said to be able to develop its full potency-enhancing effect with the help of other active ingredients such as Tongkat Ali root, saw palmetto and nettle root. In the following, we will look at what each individual active ingredient and its properties should achieve:

Elfenblume: The Elfenblume should increase the Testosteronspiegel and the blood circulation and lead thus to a long-lasting and stronger erection of the penis. According to the manufacturer, the active ingredient is even supposed to enlarge the penis. By the way, in the course of increasing the testosterone level, the muscle build-up should be improved.

However, it must be added that scientific studies on the elfin flower have so far allegedly only been carried out on animals, which makes a risk assessment relatively difficult. Whether the active substance has side effects is therefore uncertain on this current basis.

Tongkat Ali root: The Tongkat Ali root, also known as Malaysian ginseng, is supposed to help with age-related problems in love life. For instance: When symptoms of the andropause begin, the root is supposed to stimulate the libido.

However, the evidence is uncertain as to its effects. There should be some scientifically conducted studies that prove this and others that prove exactly the opposite.

Nettle Root: Nettle root is said to increase free testosterone production by suppressing the conversion of testosterone to DHT. However, many believe that DHT is the more potent variant of testosterone and therefore this process is not beneficial.

Saw palmetto: The saw palmetto is supposed to increase energy and testosterone levels at the same time. In this way a longer maintenance of the erection is to be ensured. However, once again there are no scientifically conducted studies to prove it.

✅ How is this product used? How is it taken?

According to the manufacturers’ experience, the preparation is easy to take and without any risks, as it consists exclusively of natural active ingredients. According to the manufacturer, the daily intake of one tablet can be increased to two, in the morning and evening, if necessary.

Testo Ultra Tablets

Since the effect of the remedy does not start until 30 minutes after sexual intercourse, the capsule should be taken shortly before sexual intercourse. According to the manufacturer, it is also possible to take up to two capsules a day for a longer period of time without having to worry about unwanted side effects, as the preparation does not contain any chemical substances.

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✅ Has Testo Ultra side effects?

As the preparation should be composed of purely herbal ingredients, side effects can be excluded. However, hypersensitivity can occur with the recommended amount of two capsules a day. Because Testo Ultra is supposed to boost the testosterone level, too high a testosterone level can in the worst case lead to tumour growth. For this reason, a doctor should be consulted before taking the product in order to prevent possible dangers in good time.

Where can I buy Testo Ultra and how much does it cost?

Testo Ultra can be ordered on the official website of the manufacturer, but unfortunately the order does not take place without the well-known stitches of many other similar products and dubious methods, which one is used to meanwhile.

Strangely enough, you have to type in your personal data such as e-mail address, place of residence and mobile phone number before you can see the prices at all. Then you can choose between the available packages. An attempt is made to create an incentive by advertising according to the motto ”the more you order, the cheaper it will be”. The problem is that there is no clear price information for each offer.

It also claims that all ratings are checked by Amazon, which is total nonsense and a cheap lie. Below you will find an overview of all the data you have entered, and under payment method you can choose from Paypal, credit card and other payment methods before buying. In addition, you have no other choice but to choose lightning dispatch, because there is no other dispatch method that is cheaper. Finally arrived at Paypal you know exactly how much the fun costs you.

Testo Ultra Price

While the six-month ration costs 187.90 dollars, the two-month ration costs 90 dollars. That’s no doubt bold and first-degree rip-off.

Testo Ultra Amazon

You cannot order Testo Ultra at Amazon itself. Another indication that the above assessments are not true.

Testo Ultra Pharmacy

Also this product cannot be bought in pharmacies in Germany.

Testo Ultra Forum

Do not believe other posts you find in a forum. Also these experience reports are to a large extent all fakes.

Result: How recommendable is Testo Ultra?

It should be clear until now that there is much that speaks against Testo Ultra, which makes a purchase recommendation almost impossible. That’s what any test reports show. We’ll try to sum it up as good as we can. The active ingredients, especially the main ingredient elfin flower, cannot possibly guarantee the miraculous effects that have been praised. Elfenblume is even said to negatively influence the testosterone level, instead of increasing it as the manufacturer claims. The active substance Icariin contained in the ivory flower should be a blank leaf with regard to health hazards, as there is no EU-approved hazard assessment for this ingredient. For this reason, Testo Ultra is classified as such by the EU and orders are often confiscated and returned by customs.

The money of the returned product will not be refunded by the manufacturer and it is not mentioned as a reason for the annoyance of many buyers. In all probability, the user reports are fictitious and many men suffering from potency weakness are lured with it. In addition, the exaggerated, lurid promises and advertising slogans bear witness to the manufacturer’s unseriosity.

Ultimately, the price charged for the preparation is far too expensive to justify a trial purchase. The prices presented as cheap offers leave the impression that they were simply arbitrarily put together to lure desperate and unsuspecting men to a purchase. For the above reasons, Testo Ultra should not be purchased under any circumstances. Also the version Testo Ultra 2.0 shows no better results. Who suffers from potency problems and is looking for a good sexual enhancer, for him there are alternatives with proven effect at lower prices.

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