myvigra Review 2023 ❤️ SCAM or LEGIT?

MyVigra is another sexual enhancer among the many products that seem to have been inspired too much by the name of Viagra. Unlike Viagra, however, MyVigra is available over the counter and is manufactured in Germany. As with Viagra, the preparation promises an improved, stronger and long-lasting erection, which ensures more pleasure during sex.

The remedy consists of herbal active ingredients including fenugreek extract, ginseng blend, damiana boron extract, muira pauma extract, l-arginine extract and pine extract. Due to this composition of natural active ingredients, the preparation is also a dietary supplement.

A stronger erection based on natural substances without side effects is one of the things that many sexual enhancers claim on the market. Can MyVigra really deliver against negative expectations? As the product is exceptionally manufactured in Germany, it is definitely worth a look. For this reason, we take a closer look at the product in this article and put it to the test.

✅ What does MyVigra promise?

Low vascular flexibility is known to be the most common cause of circulatory problems resulting in erectile dysfunction. L-arginine, which is contained in a high dosage in MyVigra, is intended in particular to expand the vessels by providing nitric oxide known as NO. In addition, the daily and regular intake of the preparation should produce testosterone and store it in the body. The result is more power and a stronger erection that lasts a long time.

The effect of increased testosterone levels and the associated improvement in male erection and performance should be free of side effects due to the active ingredients, which consist entirely of natural substances.

✅ What are the advantages of MyVigra?

MyVigra is an over-the-counter sexual enhancer manufactured in Germany. Although the logo ‘made in Germany’ is by no means a guarantee for success, it undoubtedly arouses the trust of many users, especially with regard to the side effects. The undisputed advantage here is that the shipment is made from Germany and the user can, if necessary, invoke his rights such as the right of return.

The product has its own website where you can order it. With a logistics flat rate of 4.99 euros, the manufacturer offers a 14-day free package that allows users to test the product. However, within the framework of this, a so-called subscription service called 90 days MyVigra program must be concluded, which can be revoked if one is not satisfied with the product.

✅ What are the ingredients of MyVigra?

As mentioned in the introduction, MyVigra contains a heron of active ingredients of natural origin. In the following we take a short look at them:

  • Bockshorn clover is a type of legume that is said to increase testosterone levels and thus promote potency.
  • Damiana is a plant species that occurs in the region of South America. The plant is used as a tonic. Especially in Mexico people swear by their libido increasing effect.
  • Boron as a food belongs to the minerals. The mineral is supposed to stop the premature degradation of testosterone and steroid hormones.
  • L-Arginine is a type of amino acid that is mainly used to treat high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction.
  • Muira Pauma is another plant species that is said to have a stimulating, nerve-soothing and potency-enhancing effect.
  • Ginseng is a plant species native to the Asian region. The plant is supposed to be a natural remedy and sexual enhancer.

✅ How to use MyVigra?

As MyVigra is basically a dietary supplement, it is taken twice daily over a longer period of time in addition to the daily diet. The intake is independent of daily meals. The preparation should be used one hour before sexual intercourse in order to develop its potency-enhancing effect. MyVigra can also be taken without water.

✅ Has MyVigra any side effects?

Since the preparation consists as mentioned several times only of natural active substances, there are no side effects to be feared according to the manufacturer. However, it must be noted that allergy sufferers in particular can react negatively to the herbal active ingredients contained in the product. In addition, interactions with other substances cannot be excluded.

How and where to buy MyVigra at what price?

MyVigra has its own name and company website, where you can buy or order the product without a prescription. However, the product is not available in any pharmacy and is only available through this website. Since the product is manufactured in Germany, it is shipped accordingly from Germany and a German customer service is available.

As for the price, MyVigra is offered in a 90-day package, for which 49.90 euros per month and for three months a total of 149.70 euros are due. When you order, you first receive a free 14-day package and you can cancel the 90-day money-back guaranteed package if the product does not meet your expectations.

Result: How recommended is MyVigra?

MyVigra is no further than another product, like many others, which is said to produce a strong male erection without side effects, and also to be long-lasting and performance-enhancing. How much of the promise can be kept is more than questionable. Nevertheless, you can order the free package for testing purposes if you suffer from erection problems. After all, you can cancel the 90-day subscription with money-back guarantee. At least the ‘made in Germany’ seal lets us hope for it.

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