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Our experiences – The sexual enhancer for women

There are plenty of potency drugs for men, Viagra the best-known example promising an improved sex life in terms of potency, stamina and sperm quality. Lovegra, on the other hand, is a sexual enhancer in tablet form for women. It is supposed to function like Viagra, which means that blood circulation in the vagina is stimulated, which increases vaginal moisture and makes it more sensitive. This is supposed to lead to women enjoying a better and more intense sex life.

Lovegra contains the substance sildenafil, which is an integral part of many male sexual enhancers and is therefore a conventional substance. According to the manufacturer, Sildenafil is responsible for blood circulation in the vagina and prevents dryness in the genital area of women. It’s definitely supposed to make sex more enjoyable.

The biggest problem with the product is that it is not officially approved in Germany and is offered illegally on the Internet without medical control. The intake of Lovegra is associated with health risks, which we will discuss intensively. To anticipate a few things, women who suffer from liver and heart problems, take this sexual enhancer to put themselves at risk, which in the worst case can even lead to death. It is by no means clear what active ingredients other than sildenafil are contained in this preparation.

In this article we take a look at this miracle drug which is manufactured by an Indian company Ajanta Pharma and put it through its paces. Since the potency agent is not approved in Germany and for this reason is highly controversial, the negative aspects will far outweigh the positive ones.

✅ What does the product promise?

As mentioned above, the main ingredient of Lovegra is the substance flibanserin, which is said to help relax muscles and improve circulation in the genital area of women. Due to the effect of this ingredient, the woman should only be receptive to external stimuli with the help of sexual arousal from her sex partner. The manufacturer attaches great importance to flibanserin in terms of potency, as it is said to have an important effect on certain messenger substances that promote sexual stimulation. Orgasm in women is very complicated and several messengers are known to be necessary to reach this climax during sex.

Here Lovegra is supposed to get the central nervous system going with its allegedly unique formula of lust-enhancing ingredients, of which only flibanserin is known to us. Endorphins are to be released and the long-awaited effect of sexual satisfaction is achieved.

Thanks to the ingredients, above all flibanserin, even the smallest touch in women should trigger an increased sexual sensation. The whole thing is to be done with the help of better blood circulation in the woman’s vagina, which is also the basis of the almighty Viagra. According to the manufacturer, there is no reason why the same principle should not work for women. The test will show that.

✅ What are the advantages of this potency product?

A single tablet contains 100 mg of the supposed miracle drug sildenafil. Thanks to this active ingredient, female genitals are to be supplied with more blood. This is said to be due to the effect of nitrogen oxides, which improves blood circulation in the vagina. In addition, the vagina should be better moistened and thus prevented from drying out. The result is that women experience a better orgasm than before.

All the advantages of Lovegra can be summarized below:

  • There is an improvement in the female libido.
  • In women during menopause and after a hysterectomy, in particular, very negative user experiences can be reported.
  • Women react much more sensitively to any sexual stimulation.
  • And as mentioned several times the blood circulation in the genital area is improved.

✅ What’s Lovegra?

Apart from the active substance flibanserin, which has already been mentioned several times, no other substance is known which is to be contained in the preparation. This is exactly what makes Lovegra a health risk.

We concentrate on flibanserin for lack of specified active ingredients. This active ingredient was actually developed by Boehringer Ingelheim to combat libido loss in women and has always been referred to as ‘Viagra for women’ and marketed accordingly. However, the properties of flibanserin are not sufficient to serve as a counterpart to Viagra. The reason for this is, on the one hand, the lack of efficacy and, on the other hand, the side effects that many women experience. Flibanserin is registered in America under the name Addyi and has come under criticism many times because of the frequently occurring side effects and the lack of libido enhancing properties.

✅ How to use these tablets?

According to the manufacturer, Lovegra should be taken one hour before sexual intercourse. The effect, respectively the improvement of the blood circulation, does not start until 45 minutes after ingestion. This pleasure-increasing effect is supposed to last up to five hours. However, the manufacturer points out that foreplay such as stroking and massage units play an important role in terms of effect.

Lovegra is taken once a day and the recommended dose is 50 mg, half a tablet, which may be increased to 100mg.

It is also important to note that Lovegra should not be taken daily. Three times a week should not be a problem and should be healthy. In addition, the consumption of alcohol while taking Lovegra is strictly forbidden, as it firstly reduces the effect of the preparation and secondly can have negative health effects.

There are many fakes of Lovegra on the internet, which are sold at overpriced prices. Of course, we recommend you the original product, shipped directly from the manufacturer. At the best price. Please note our quality promise

✅ What are the side effects of Lovegra?

First of all, the active ingredient flibanserin contained in Lovegra must be credited for helping against sexual dysfunction in a certain way when dosed correctly. However, a considerable number of users complain of headaches, dizziness and nausea. Other common side effects include unconsciousness and drowsiness. Since the ingredient flibanserin is the most important component of Lovegra, there are many testimonials from users who have suffered from these side effects.

How and where can I buy Lovegra? Is there a free sample pack to order?

Lovegra can be ordered from many foreign websites and also from Amazon. However, you should be careful with some providers if you do not want to be pulled over the table. Therefore, you should always order directly from the manufacturer.

Lovegra price

On average, the prices for an 8*100 mg package are between 45 and 50 euros.

Many online shops offer a free trial pack with your order. Unfortunately, there is currently no such offer available online.

Lovegra Pharmacy

As already mentioned the ingredient flibanserin is not officially approved in Germany and Europe, there is no possibility to buy the preparation in the pharmacy.

Result: How to recommend Lovegra?

Actually, there is so much that speaks against the preparation Lovegra that it is very difficult to recommend. The sexual enhancer is not approved in Europe because it is supposed to cause serious side effects. For this reason, it is only available on the Internet, where the existence of many dubious sellers makes the purchase of the product a risk. According to users, the potency-enhancing effect of Lovegra should also be limited, which in no way justifies the high price.

After all, it is more than questionable whether Viagra-based functional and ‘female Viagra’ aids are any good. There is no scientifically or clinically proven evidence of this. You can find testimonials and tests for other products here in the forum.

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