nuvigra Review 2023 ❤️ SCAM or LEGIT?

As is well known, the potency drug market does not lack potency drugs from natural active substances, which are allegedly without side effects. Among these, Nuvigra is just another capsule-form remedy that promises potency-enhancing properties with stamina as early as 30 minutes after ingestion. According to the manufacturer, the potency-enhancing effects are mainly due to two active ingredients, L-arginine and pine bark extract. Both active ingredients should interact to add the missing building blocks to the body and thus improve or stimulate blood circulation. Ultimately, male potency depends on the blood circulation and the manufacturer of Nuvigra wants to have found the right recipe.

The preparation is approved in Germany, but still not available in pharmacies. Nuvigra can currently only be obtained from your own website. This at least allows for discounts from time to time and anonymity, which is important for many men because they do not dare to go to a pharmacy out of shame.

At first glance, Nuvigra does not seem to offer anything new to other similar plant-based sexual enhancers. Nevertheless, we have spared no effort to put this product under the microscope and put it through its paces. Does a herbal sexual enhancer finally, exceptionally, keep what it promises without causing side effects? In the following we will explain this and everything else that burns under your nails.

✅ What promises Nuvigra?

Nuvigra is a herbal sexual enhancer and promises to give a male erection 30 minutes after ingestion through improved blood circulation to the blood vessels, which also lasts long. As usual with other similar herbal remedies, Nuvigra is completely free of side effects. The manufacturer refers to the certificate of the EFSA health authority, which he has received.

Nuvigra’s proprietary website supports the alleged effect on L-arginine and pine bark extracts. While according to the manufacturer, high-dose L-arginine provides more nitrogen monoxide to dilate the vessels, pine bark extracts promote the metabolic processes on the inner walls of the vessels, thereby increasing the effect of L-arginine. This interaction of both active ingredients is supposed to result in a significantly improved male erection.

✅ What are the advantages of Nuvigra?

According to the manufacturer, a long-lasting erection occurs only 30 minutes after taking Nuvigra, which means a short reaction time for a natural-based sexual enhancer. The intake should be easy to integrate into everyday life without having to plan time before sexual intercourse.

Since the remedy is only composed of herbal remedies, no side effects should occur when taking it. In addition, Nuvigra holds the EFSA Health Authority certificate confirming the efficacy of Nuvigra.

✅ What are the active ingredients in Nuvigra?

As already mentioned, the alleged effect of the preparation is based on two active ingredients called L-arginine and pine bark extracts and their interaction with each other.

L-Arginine is known for its potency enhancing properties. It is said to be a good alternative for natural PDE5 inhibitors. Through L-Arginine the blood vessels expand and thus more blood flows into them, which at the same time means improved blood circulation. A stimulated blood circulation again leads to a male erection.

Pine bark extracts are said to help against erectile dysfunction and protect the blood vessels from inflammation. It stimulates the metabolism on the inner walls of the vessels, which ultimately leads to an increased effect of L-arginine.

✅ How to use Nuvigra?

Although the capsules can be taken in powder form when opened, it is still recommended to take them closed with sufficient water so that the effect can unfold at the intended place in the body. A part of the ingredient is otherwise absorbed by the saliva through open ingestion or broken down into its individual parts in the mouth. At the point of use, some of the active ingredients are then lost.

As Nuvigra’s instructions say, the capsule should only be taken once a day. A daily overdose may cause side effects according to the manufacturer.

✅ Has Nuvigra any side effects?

As already mentioned several times, Nuvigra is said to be completely free of side effects thanks to its natural formula. However, men with allergies may experience side effects due to the herbal basis of the preparation. In addition, the herbal ingredients contained in Nuvigra may interact with other substances that may cause mild side effects.

Where and how to buy Nuvigra at what price?

As the preparation is available without a prescription, it can easily be bought or ordered on the Internet. It seems that Nuvigra is only offered on the company’s own website. A test package with 12 capsules costs 59 euros on this, which costs 4.99 euros per dose. According to the manufacturer, this allows you to test Nuvigra for 14 days and send it back in case of dissatisfaction. However, user experience has shown that the manufacturer does not adhere to the money-back guarantee.

Result: How recommendable is Nuvigra?

It’s no wonder that we once again have a sexual enhancer in front of us like many others that prove to be useless. The promised effect on Nuvigra is highly controversial and the alleged success stories of seemingly fictitious users make the whole thing even worse. At the price of 3.99 euros per capsule, that’s an outrage.

Although Nuvigra may not have any proven side effects, even a purchase for testing purposes is not advisable under any circumstances. You can look at other sexual enhancers that are effective and cheaper.

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