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Potenztabs24 Test Here In The Forum – Where Best To Buy?

Potenztabs24 is another dietary supplement designed to increase potency and libido. It is not a medicinal product, but an over-the-counter product. There are no contraindications, interactions or side effects, so Potenztabs24 is suitable for anyone who wants to help their potency on the go.

Potenztab24 exclusively relies on herbal active ingredients that have been known in Thailand and the rest of Asia for centuries. They are also increasingly coming into focus in Europe, especially as their efficacy can often be confirmed in studies.

According to the company, Potenztabs24 is not a copy of a product that was previously on the market. Instead, the manufacturer relies on combining various ingredients that have been said or proven to be effective against potency problems. The aim of the preparation should be to raise the testosterone level and thus also the sexual performance to that of a mid-twenties.

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✅ Our Experience – What Promises Potenztabs24?

Potenztabs24 promises a multitude of positive effects. This is shown by several testimonials. The main field of application is of course the sexual performance of the man. The food supplement should not only increase the libido, but also be able to delay the climaxes. It should be completely free of side effects, but have some positive side effects.
Skin tightening, increased motivation and willingness to perform should occur as well as shortened regeneration times and improved performance. The company also attributes this to an elevated testosterone level. Potenztabs24 is very reluctant to support the statements statistically. In contrast to many other providers, it does not provide absolute information, but is limited to simple statements.

✅ What ingredients does Potenztabs24 Have?

Potenztabs24 has different herbal ingredients. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not sufficiently explain to everyone what effect is attributed to the respective plant, but most of them are relatively well known anyway.

The main ingredient of Potenztabs24 is Eurycoma Longifolia (Tongkat Ali). It is said to have a testosterone enhancing effect. Tongkat Ali is the only ingredient of the potency enhancing food supplement for which the manufacturer refers to studies. According to the study, Tongkat Ali is said to cause the testosterone level in the body to rise significantly. In Southeast Asia, the drug has been used for many centuries to increase stress resistance and man’s strength. In the meantime, several studies have found the positive influence on testosterone levels. However, the positive effects also seem to be strongly dose-dependent, so it is very unfortunate that the exact amount is not stated at any point.

One of the ingredients of Potenztabs24 is ginkgo. In experiments with rats, an increase in testosterone levels could be observed with ginkgo extracts. This is said to be possible because ginkgo lowers the prolactin level. A high prolactin level should also lower the testosterone level. However, these results could not be replicated in a human study. A problem here could be that in rats the greatest increase was achieved at 50 mg/kg, but in the study only 240 mg was given daily. How high the dosage in the Potenztabs24 is, unfortunately, is not indicated at any point.

Another ingredient is Butea superba or “Plossobaum”. The plant is mainly native to the forests of Thailand. There it is traditionally taken by Thai men because of its rejuvenating effect of libido increases. In Europe it is currently regarded as one of the new superfoods and is also advertised as “natural Viagra”. Butea superba should also work by raising the testosterone level. Potenztabs24 argues mainly with an androgenic phytohormone, which is said to resemble testosterone. Which of the manufacturers’ phytosterols remains exactly the same remains open. Possible are sigmoid, campesterol and beta-sitosterol. Beta-sitosterol protects testosterone from degradation, campesterol is a steroid-like precursor of various growth hormones and sigmasterol is a precursor of progesterone.

Krachai Dam is also said to have an aphrodisiac effect. It is a preparation of black ginger. However, Potenztab24 does not explain the extent to which the ingredients can promote potency. The effect of the plant, also known as “Thai Ginseng”, has not been proven at present. Only one study reported positive effects on the cardiovascular system in individuals over 60 years of age. No testosterone enhancing effect could be found in rats. Accordingly, users must rely on the centuries-old tradition that says the herbal active ingredient has a potency-promoting effect.

There are many counterfeits on the internet which are sold at overpriced prices. Of course, we recommend you the original product, shipped directly from the manufacturer. Buy here from us Ciavil at the best price. Please note our quality promise

✅ Intake And Dosage – When Does Potency Tabs24 Take Effect?

Potenztabs24 suggests to start with two to three tablets daily within the first seven to ten days, after that one tablet daily is sufficient. Special features do not have to be taken into account. The provider does not provide any information as to whether a cure is sensible or whether the remedy must be taken permanently. A lasting effect does not seem to be envisaged in any case. As long as the user wants to enjoy the positive effects, he must take Potenztabs24 daily.

Potency tabs24 Effect

The effect should begin after a good week and should be relatively high in relation to erection and desire increase.

It is somewhat unfortunate that the manufacturer does not indicate the quantities of the respective ingredients. This makes it comparatively difficult for our experience to understand how effective the product can actually be. Also a price comparison of Potenztabs24 with other means is not possible in this way.

✅ Who Is The Manufacturer of Potenztabs24?

Behind the manufacturer is the company H&H bv from the Dutch town of Reuver. At the same time, however, the food supplement from Germany is shipped by HM Highlights. This was the name under which the report on the absence of pollutants was commissioned.

The company H & H bv. According to its own statements, it has set itself the goal of helping every man through Potenztabs24 to increase his sexual performance in a tolerable, effective and discreet way. The company expressly does not focus on advertising and packaging, sales platforms and affiliate partners with contributions in the forum, but instead wants to offer particularly favourable prices.

The company can be reached by e-mail on weekdays and also offers the possibility of returns.

Potenztabs24 Amazon

Potenztabs24 should not be bought in stores or in shops like Amazon but online in the certified manufacturer shop. Our test proved this several times.

Potenztabs24 Pharmacy

Most pharmacies will not even offer Potenztabs24. Therefore, you can save yourself the trip to the local pharmacy and rather visit the manufacturer right away, where you will get 100% of the original product.

✅ How long does the delivery take?

Usually the supplier sends his delivery within one day, if it arrives before 15 o’clock. Accordingly, delivery only takes one to two days. The product will be shipped neutral. It is therefore not obvious to others that it is a potency-promoting food supplement contained in the air cushion envelope. Collection by the customer is not possible.

How can customers pay at Potenztabs24?

The company currently offers three different payment methods: Prepayment by bank transfer, cash on delivery and PayPal. It is therefore imperative to first pay for the potency tabs.

Potenztabs24 Price

The price for Potenztabs24 is okay compared to other products. However, in view of the above arguments for and against the product, the price/performance ratio is not convincing overall.

Potenztabs24 Costs

In our opinion you can therefore save the costs for Potenztabs24 and invest in a better product, which we would like to offer you on this page.

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