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vitallusPLUS Experience and Test

The product vitallusPLUS is a patented vacuum-based aid for penis enlargement,
which supplies the erectile tissue of the penis with fresh and oxygen-rich blood by means of a mild vacuum function. In this way it counteracts penis shrinkage and reverses this process. This is also proven by our test in the forum.

vitallusPLUS Pump

The difference between vitallusPlus and similar products based on penis pumps is that a vacuum is generated by an electrically operated pump instead of by hand.

The product consists of a vacuum extender that can be adapted to the size of the penis, an electric vacuum pump with hose connection and a voltage converter that exert a slight negative pressure on the penis in order to enlarge it sustainably. The product also comes with a digital timer to set the desired running time, a pressure regulator, a transparent hose and a fixing strap to fix the hose to the leg. By the way, vitallusPLUS is very light when it comes to weight, as it is made of a flexible material so that it offers maximum comfort when wearing.

Thanks to the slight negative pressure (for several hours during sleep at night), the penis expands. This creates new body cells in the penis tissue and erectile tissue. A daily application of four to eight hours promises a lasting penis enlargement in length and circumference. The manufacturer also shows a video on the correct application.

✅ What promises vitallusPLUS?

At night during sleep, the penis of a healthy man usually stiffens up to six times, 20 to 50 minutes each, as many men’s experiences show. This natural process ensures that the tissue or vessels are better supplied with blood and thus supplied with fresh oxygen. It is well known that good penis circulation is essential for sustained potency.
According to this scientifically proven principle, VitallusPLUS was developed, which causes an expansion of the penis at night by creating a slight negative pressure. The only requirement for use is that the procedure be performed four to eight hours a day over a period of three to six months to achieve a visible penis enlargement. The proven method is completely painless, uncomplicated to use and achieves a natural stretching of the connective tissue in the penis, which ensures the formation of new body cells.

✅ What are the advantages of vitallusPLUS? Are there really positive results?

vitallusPLUS offers some advantages over similar products and shows clear results. That includes:

While conventional vacuum cylinders have a high weight, the cylinder of the vitallusPLUS vacuum extender is made of a light and flexible polyethylene plastic, which is also used in medical technology.

The cylinder with its soft and firm opening encloses the penis shaft optimally. With other products, on the other hand, pressure points often occur on the shaft, which are avoided with vitallusPLUS. Here a high wearing comfort is guaranteed.

While conventional vacuum cylinders can only be used for a short period of time due to the risk of overstretching, the light weight of the vitallusPLUS vacuum extender ensures use with a moderate negative pressure. This makes a permanent penis enlargement possible by an application duration of several hours.

measure vitalusPLUS

vitallusPLUS is individually tailored to the penis size of the user in length and circumference and is subsequently adjusted. The precise fit and the flexible nature of the material ensure high wearing comfort without pain.

The individually adjustable compression sleeve of vitallusPLUS completely encloses the penis tissue, thus avoiding negative effects such as sagging of the skin, vascular injuries or bruising.

vitallusPLUS Successes

While conventional vacuum cylinders have a short service life with little effect, vitallusPLUS enables a penis and a glans without deformations at the end of the application period. These unpleasant side effects, on the other hand, often occur with other products.

✅ What does Vitallusplus consist of?

The product Vitallus Plus is a so-called vacuum extender which is electrically operated and thus imitates the natural stiffening of the penis. Thanks to the slight negative pressure created by the vacuum extender, the tissue expands, which in the long term aims to increase its circumference and length.
The Vitallus Plus scope of delivery includes a basic set containing the necessary equipment and materials. In addition to the basic version, some additional components can be purchased. All product components of the basic version are listed below:


  • A vacuum extender that is adapted to the dimensions of the user.
  • An electric vacuum pump (constant vacuum of approx. – 100 mbar) with hose connection and voltage converter 230V-12V.
  • A digital timer with the setting function of the time desired by the user.
  • A pressure regulator with connecting hose which is put over the vitallusPLUS.
  • A transparent tube to connect the vacuum pump to the vitallusPLUS vacuum extender.
  • A fixation strap to tie the hose to the leg.
  • A culture bag for storing all components
  • One instruction manual

In addition to the components mentioned above, it is recommended to:

  • A lubricating gel (without grease with warming properties such as Durex Play Warming)
  • A caring skin cream.

✅ How is vitallusPLUS used as a vacuum extender?

vitallusPLUS is designed for very short “training sessions” during the day and only for resting at night. The penis is first creamed with an appropriate cream or lubricant. The cylinder with the compression sleeve is then placed over it, connected to the electric pump and switched on. It is important to first set the timer according to the duration of use. In order to supply the erectile tissue with fresh blood and improve erection quality, vitallusPLUS can also be used in shorter sessions during the day.
In order to achieve a permanent enlargement of the penis, a time frame of three to six months is usually planned for regular use with vitallusPLUS.

In principle, the manufacturer recommends the use of the vitallusPLUS vacuum extender overnight. The reason for this is that many regenerating processes take place in the body, such as the renewal of tissue during night sleep. These processes create the prerequisites for the product to have the best possible effect. In addition, nocturnal erections are no problem thanks to the flexible material properties of the cylinder and the compression sleeve.

There are many counterfeits of vitallusPLUS on the internet, which are sold at overpriced prices. Of course, we recommend you the original product, shipped directly from the manufacturer. At the best price. Please note our quality promise

✅ How and where to order or buy vitallusPLUS?

You can order the product vitallusPLUS on the internet. For such products as the vitallusPLUS vacuum extender it is recommended to buy them in the online shop of the manufacturer ( This is advantageous because, in addition to an attractive price and many offers, all common payment methods can be used. In addition, there is no risk that a counterfeit or used product will be sold.
Before placing an order, the consumer is asked to determine the recommended size for him on the basis of his penis dimensions in length and girth. If you click on the marked area, you will be redirected to a page with a penis size calculator. It explains how the penis is measured using a tape measure in a normal and erect state.

The order at the online shop of the manufacturer is safe and anonymous on request. That includes:

A SSL encrypted connection

When the amount is transferred, only the order number is indicated under “purpose of payment”.
No reference is made to the product in the case of account debiting and proof of purchase for the credit card.
The product is neutrally packed and shipped.

vitallusPLUS Price

The vitallusPLUS basic set costs 219,00 Euro and is delivered free of charge within Germany. The customer receives a two-month guarantee on the electric vacuum pump, the voltage converter and the digital timer from the time of purchase of the product. vitallusPLUS is shipped from Düsseldorf, where all returns are received equally.

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