Sensamax Review 2023 ❤️ SCAM or LEGIT?

Sensamax is another food supplement in capsule form that is taken to increase male potency. The product is not available in pharmacies and can only be purchased or ordered online. The preparation should increase the male libido and provide for more stamina during sex. Interestingly, however, the manufacturer does not seem to be entirely convinced of his own product, because the product website expresses very cautiously with regard to the effects.

As Sensamax is a dietary supplement that does not contain any chemical substances, side effects should be excluded. It is the active ingredients known from many other sexual enhancers, such as Maca ginseng and green tea, which increase sexual potency and make sex more enjoyable.

At first glance, Sensamax appears to be nothing more than another potency enhancer based on natural ingredients like many others. Can the preparation form one of the few exceptions among these and accordingly increase the male libido and provide more pleasure in bed? To answer this question, take a close look at the product and tell you if it is any good.

✅ What promises Sensamax?

According to the manufacturer, Sensamax helps with many potency-related problems without causing any side effects. The alleged effects include the following:

  • Erections that are both stronger and longer lasting
  • Improvement of male libido
  • Improved blood circulation in the male limb
  • Higher stamina during sex

As mentioned in the introduction, however, the manufacturer is not entirely convinced of his own product and repeatedly points out that taking Sensamax only increases the probability of an increase in potency and that the desired effect may not occur in some men. Although we find the honesty of the manufacturer highly praiseworthy, this repeated statement makes us logically doubt the quality of the product. After all, in our opinion one should have more confidence in one’s own product if one wants to sell it.

✅ What are the benefits of Sensamax?

In comparison to other similar products, I honestly don’t notice any advantages worth mentioning about Sensamax, except that according to the manufacturer it may be very effective and you should only take one capsule every two days. In addition, thanks to its composition of plant active ingredients, the preparation should be well tolerated and free of side effects.

✅ What ingredients are contained in Sensamax?

Sensamax is a natural food supplement that consists more or less of the same active ingredients that are found in many similar sexual enhancers and are therefore well known to us. The following active ingredients are contained in the preparation:

  • Maca:Maca is a plant that grows in the heights of the Andes in South America. In the region the plant enjoys a good reputation as a proven sexual enhancer. It is said to increase male libido and stimulate sexual desire.

  • Grape seed extract:The grape seed extract is touted as a miracle cure and is said to increase sexual performance, strengthen the immune system and stimulate blood circulation.

  • Green tea:Green tea is basically nothing more than another way of making tea. The green tea leaves should provide for more blood supply in the vessels and thus contribute to a better erection.

  • Ginseng:Ginseng is another plant species also known under the two names of Asian and Korean ginseng. Like the green tea leaves, the plant should also help to increase blood supply and thus improve erectile function.

  • Tragant:Tragent is a plant genus that is used as a pharmaceutical active ingredient. The plant should be effective against erectile dysfunction and increase male fertility.

✅ How effective is Sensamax?

At first glance, opinions about Sensamax seem to be divided on the net. While many men claim not to have felt any effect, here and there one comes across some positive experience reports. However, these reports quickly raise doubts because they appear on websites that are linked to other websites where you can buy the product.

✅ How to use Sensamax?

Sensamax capsules are taken one to three hours before the planned sexual act on an empty stomach. According to the manufacturer, the effect is already apparent after the first application and can be very intense under certain circumstances, in which case the capsule should be halved. The question, however, is how to halve a capsule.

The manufacturer points out that Sensamax is not suitable for young people under 18. In addition, use in people with high blood pressure and heart problems should always be in consultation with a doctor.

Does Sensamax have any side effects?

As already mentioned, Sensamax is a dietary supplement consisting exclusively of natural active ingredients and is therefore free of side effects. The product is only suitable for men aged 18 and over. Since the product is based on plants, allergy sufferers may experience undesired reactions. In addition, interactions with other medicines are not excluded.

Where and how to buy Sensamax at what price?

Sensamax is not available in pharmacies and can, therefore, be ordered either from the company’s own website or from mail-order pharmacies. The product is also offered on Amazon, which has the advantage over mail-order pharmacies that you are protected from counterfeiting.

The cheapest way to buy Sensamax is, of course, in the online shop, where orders are delivered to your home within two to four days. For a pack of 4 capsules, you pay 19,90 Euro.

Result: How recommendable is Sensamax?

At Sensamax we are dealing with a sexual enhancer that seems in the truest sense of the word to be an average product that hardly differs from other similar products. We are not completely disappointed, but the product did not convince us either. How can it be that even if the manufacturer’s website says black on white several times, the potency enhancing effect is not guaranteed? The fact that Sensamax is based on plant-based ingredients and therefore has no side effects does not help much.

Sensamax contains active ingredients like Maca and Ginseng, which are said to have potency-enhancing effects, but in the product, they are too little dosed to show their effect in any way. The few positive product evaluations and experience reports, if they are not fictitious, are most likely based on the placebo effect. Accordingly, our verdict is to the disadvantage of Sensamax and we advise against the purchase. The money for 5 Euro per tablet can be invested in other sexual enhancers that have convinced us in our product evaluations.

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