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Viacinil is a dietary supplement that is supposed to help against male potency problems. It is not subject to prescription and is produced on a purely vegetable basis. It should be free of side effects and effective for several hours. Interestingly, Viacinil, like Viagra, is a blue pill. In fact, the manufacturer places Viacinil in a clear contrast to synthetic sexual enhancers and attaches great importance to the naturalness of the product. It consists to a large extent of ingredients that were and are already known to various primitive peoples as libido increasing and aphrodisiac. The product is not applied permanently, as it is necessary with many herbal sexual enhancers, but dosed depending on the sexual activity of the user.

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✅ What does Viacinil Promise?

The manufacturers of Viacinil see its strengths above all in terms of sexual performance. Thus, the product is supposed to enable longer and stronger erections, act like an aphrodisiac and prolong the time until ejaculation. Accordingly, advertising also focuses on the greater satisfaction of women. The regeneration time between orgasms should also be reduced. Our test showed that.

Viacinil is designed to help the user maintain full control over the timing of ejaculation. In addition, it should increase pleasure and sex drive and have no side effects. The effect should occur within 30 minutes and only stop after two days.

Viacinil is based on natural ingredients that have long been known among primitive peoples and can also be found in other natural sexual enhancers. However, the manufacturer argues not only with the increase in testosterone levels, but also with serotonin and the nitrogen monoxide content in the blood.

✅ What Ingredients Does Viacinil Have?

Viacinil consists of four different active ingredients, which are not distinguished by the manufacturer with regard to their importance. So there’s no major active ingredient in Viacinil.

Tribulus Terrestris

The preparation contains Tribulus Terrestris, among others. This plant species of the Bürzeldorn has been known among primitive peoples for a long time and is also used there to increase libido. However, the mode of action is not yet known. Interestingly, the improved potency could actually be proven in studies with rats. A study with young men, on the other hand, found no increase. Nevertheless, Tribulus Terrestris is also very well known in weight training and is often used as a supplement to make training successes faster and more visible.

Tongkat Ali

Another ingredient that has been said to have a potency-enhancing effect for centuries is Tongkat Ali. It is a relatively expensive root from the forests of Southeast Asia. She’s supposed to be able to raise testosterone levels. The plant has been used in its native country for many centuries. It should not only increase the libido and increase potency but also reduce stress at the same time. In fact, study results suggest that the compound is able to reduce cortisol and DHEA as stress hormones. In Viacinil, however, Tongkat Ali is of course found primarily because of its potency-enhancing effect. Studies have confirmed that the drug can increase testosterone levels. However, the remedy must be taken daily. Many different testimonials have shown this.


According to the manufacturer, ginseng is said to increase the nitrogen monoxide content in the blood. In this way men should get better erections faster and easier. Nitric oxide therefore causes the arteries in the penis to tense and thus improves blood flow. Ginseng contains saponins that are said to promote libido. This mode of action has also been confirmed for men with erectile dysfunction and postmenopausal women, although the substances have no direct effect on the release of sex hormones. How exactly ginseng helps is not yet fully understood.


The fourth important active ingredient in Viacinil is Maca. It is a tuber that was used mainly by the South American Incas as a natural aphrodisiac. It is probably one of the best known phytotherapeutics of recent years. The preparation should not only be able to increase drive and improve sexual dysfunction, but should also promote male fertility. Again, it is not clear whether the Maca tuber actually has a direct effect on sex hormones. There are currently various theses on effectiveness. The black MACA extract is said to have a significantly stronger effect than the red or yellow extract, so that differences in the study results may result from this. What kind of Maca tuber is contained in Viacinil is unfortunately not specified by the manufacturer. Vegetarians should be aware that Viacinil does not suit their diet. Due to the gelatine it contains, Viacinil is unsuitable for vegetarians.

There are many counterfeits of Viacinil on the internet, which are sold at overpriced prices. Of course, we recommend you the original product, shipped directly from the manufacturer. At the best price. Please note our quality promise

✅ Intake and Dosage – When Does Viacinil Take effect?

Viacinil does not have to be taken permanently. Instead, it is sufficient to take one capsule with a glass of water about half an hour before having sex. The effect should last between 30 and 60 minutes and last up to two days. Here the manufacturer contradicts itself however several times. In some cases, it only guarantees an effective duration of up to three hours.

No recommended daily intake has been defined for any of the ingredients. An overdose is unlikely. Viacinil can also be taken with alcohol without the user having to fear any negative consequences.

✅ Who Is the Manufacturer of Viacinil?

Viacinil is manufactured by Anivia Swiss Pvt Ltd. and distributed in Europe. Although the company provides an address in Switzerland, it is not possible to receive mail there. The head office is located in India. The company is best known for dietary supplements designed to increase potency or help weight loss. However, the preparations are not always undisputed.

✅ Where best to buy Viacinil online?

We recommend that you place your order in the official online shop. Simply click on the orange button in the top right corner and you will be taken directly to the certified and official online shop, where you will definitely receive the real product.

Viacinil Pharmacy

Do not go and buy the product in the pharmacy. Most pharmacies do not offer Viacinil and the prices there will be much more expensive than online directly from the manufacturer.

Viacinil Amazon

Also on Amazon there is no alternative worth mentioning to order Viacinil. There you will either pay too high a price or you will not receive the original. Therefore always order only where we recommend it to you.

Order Viacinil online

Rely on our advice and do not search for other online shops. Viacinil should always be ordered directly from the manufacturer online.

Viacinil Forum

We have combed through many forums – but no post in a forum really convinced us. All important news about Viacinil can only be found here with us.

Viacinil Wikipedia

Also the Wikipedia article does not help with a reasonable statement about the product.

Viacinil Price

The costs for Viacinil are kept within limits. Nevertheless, an order from the manufacturer recommended by us is the best variant for you with the cheapest Viacinil price.

How Long does The Delivery Take?

The delivery of Viacinil takes between three and five days. Orders can be tracked via the website. The goods leave the warehouse only after payment has been received. The dispatch within Germany is at present with six euro besides not necessarily favorable. Viacinil is used neutrally. It is therefore not apparent to third parties that the recipient is receiving a sexual enhancer. The company also allows the product to be returned if the product does not meet the promised quality and users can pay by bank transfer, Giropay and PayPal. However, payments by last name or credit card are not possible.

What customers say about Viacinil

I came across Viacinil by chance. I have always been curious and like to try new things. So I decided to buy it and tested the pill. Astonishing! It’s exactly how the others describe it. My sex is now at a higher level. I have had great experiences and will now use Viacinil regularly. I’m happy about the two free pills that will be very useful. Super thing!
Anonymous Customer
Anonymous Customer
Hello. I tried Viacinil years ago in Spain during a holiday. It worked great, but at that time it was not possible to get the pill in Germany. Still works great, it’s cheap and it works. I don’t want to see a doctor, so it’s perfect for me. I also tried other herbal tablets, but I think Viacinil is by far the best. I can only recommend it!
Anonymous Customer
Anonymous Customer
Viacinil helped me with my problem. My wife and I had a serious relationship crisis due to my potency disorders. Viacinil also helped me to increase my pleasure. It has come true for us – we do not need to give up love in old age. Viacinil has enriched our marriage and therefore this rating from us: 1A+
Anonymous Customer
Anonymous Customer
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