Durasan Review

On the potency drug market, there is no lack of alleged miracle cures that promise everything imaginable in terms of potency. Now another product called Durasan joins this range of all-rounders. The preparation is basically a dietary supplement in the form of capsules, which can be bought over the counter in pharmacies or on the Internet. It should not only help against erectile dysfunction, but also increase the libido and ensure a long-lasting erection and thereby an increase in potency. In addition, the preparation should have no to minor side effects, since it is composed solely of natural active ingredients. A miracle cure in the truest sense of the word that every man suffering from potency problems longingly wishes for.

Under these circumstances, one should not miss the opportunity to take a closer look at a sexual enhancer such as Durasan. If all alleged effects prove to be true, we are dealing here with a product that the whole competition depends on and is unsurpassable. For this reason we take a close look at Durasan in the following and see if it keeps its promises.

✅ What promises Durasan?

Durasan is primarily intended to treat erectile dysfunctions and significantly increase libido. In detail, the preparation should ensure a long-lasting and hard erection, increase sexual desire and noticeably shorten the recovery time after sex. The whole thing should be done with a rapid effect that lasts 48 hours. According to the manufacturer, no to few side effects are to be expected, as the active ingredients are based on natural substances.

✅ What are the benefits of Durasan?

Durasan is a dietary supplement that uses natural active ingredients without chemicals to naturally improve men’s sex life. The active ingredient contained in the product not only increases the male libido, but also prevents premature ejaculation. In short, an increase in potency also promises an increased sense of pleasure. Two birds with one stone.
The manufacturer has his own website, where you can order the product cheaper than in a pharmacy. Since the remedy consists only of herbal remedies, it can be purchased without prescription and accordingly a doctor’s visit is omitted.

✅ What active ingredients are contained in Durasan?

Durasan has a rather long list of active substances that are said to help against erectile dysfunction and increase libido. We will take a look at them individually in the following:

  • Wolfberry fruit is known in Germany under the name Goji berries and it is said to have various important health properties, therefore it is also called Superfood. Wolfberry fruit is mainly good for the blood flow, the immune system and the liver.
  • Maca is an active ingredient contained in many sexual enhancers. The plant is cultivated in the higher regions of Peru and is an integral part of the food chain in the region. The active ingredient is mainly known for its aphrodisiac effect.
  • Rhodiola is a herbal remedy that is known in this country under the name rose root. The plant is used as an aid against stress, fatigue and exhaustion. In some places it is also used as a natural antidepressant.
  • The plant Angelica, which is also known under the two names Medicinal Angelica and Genuine Angelica, is considered a natural aphrodisiac and is also used as a sedative.
  • magnesium is an important mineral that is supplied to the human body through daily nutrition and is responsible for the smooth functioning of muscles and nerves. The mineral also plays an important role in bone preservation.
  • Panax ginseng, also known as Korean ginseng, is said to have potency, performance, and libido enhancing properties.
  • Pantothenic acid is another name for vitamin B5 and helps against stress and fatigue.
  • Zinc is a trace element for the human body and is believed to positively influence sperm production in Durasan.
  • Biotin is also known as vitamin B and vitamin H, and is of great importance for general bodily functions.
  • The other vitamins B3 and E contained in Durasan are important for the function of the sex hormones and the detoxification of the body to prevent impotence.

All the active ingredients mentioned above that are contained in the preparation leave a great impression at first glance. However, it is ultimately the correct dosage and its interactions with each other that matter, so that they can develop their alleged potency enhancing effects. In view of the lack of clinically conducted studies, it is more than questionable whether these prerequisites are met here.

✅ How to use Durasan?

As the effect of Durassan occurs in 30 to 60 minutes, the preparation is taken one hour before sexual intercourse to be on the safe side. The drug is supposed to have an effect of 48 hours, which according to my current state of knowledge cannot be claimed by any current potency drug on the market. In addition, according to the manufacturer, only short regeneration times are necessary during sexual intercourse.
The recommended daily dose is 450 mg, equivalent to one capsule. If necessary, they can be doubled or, in the case of a side effect, reduced by half. However, according to the manufacturer, the dose of two times 450 mg per day may not be exceeded. It is also noted that heavy meals before intake can cause a delay in the effect.

✅ Has Durasan any side effects?

Since Durasan consists exclusively of natural active ingredients, only minor side effects of short duration may occur under certain circumstances. The most common side effects include headaches, a reddened face and a dry mouth. If any side effects occur, the product should be discontinued immediately and a doctor should be consulted. Overdose may also be the reason for the side effects. In addition, the severity and symptoms can vary greatly from person to person, as each person reacts differently to certain potency enhancers.

Where and how to buy Durasan at what price?

Durasan is a dietary supplement that is approved in Germany and can therefore be bought without a prescription in a pharmacy or ordered via the Internet. The manufacturer has its own website, where the product can be purchased at a lower price than in a pharmacy. A package with four capsules is offered here at the price of 32.80 euros. In addition, the manufacturer promises a money-back guarantee should the pill fail to take effect. According to experience reports, it does not seem to be adhered to, which is no surprise, because the product comes from abroad and is shipped from there.

Conclusion: How recommended is Durasan?

As mentioned at the beginning of the introduction, we are dealing here with a potency agent that promises the blue of the sky in terms of potency. The preparation should not only correct erectile dysfunction, but also increase libido. To crown it all, a capsule should work for up to 48 hours with short regeneration times. The duration of 48 hours alone makes one highly sceptical about the seriousness of the product. This scepticism is justified by the lack of clinically conducted studies and the predominantly negative experience reports. The active ingredients contained in Durasan may all have potency enhancing properties, but ultimately it is the dosage and interactions of the active ingredients that matter. Here, the right conditions do not seem to be fulfilled under any circumstances.
The preparation consists exclusively of active ingredients which have at most minor side effects such as headaches which are unpleasant for the user. However, allergy sufferers in particular may experience interactions, as the active ingredients are based on herbs. According to existing experience reports, there do not appear to be any serious side effects associated with the product.
One last and important point is that the drug is simply overpriced. Although Durasan can be ordered at a lower price on the company’s own website, it still costs 32.80 euros. With a content of four capsules per pack, this price is pretty steep. In addition, the money-back guarantee promised by the company is apparently not honoured, which is not surprising as the goods are shipped from abroad. For this reason, one should be aware that one remains seated on the rest of the capsules if the first intake has no effect and one wants to invoke the right of return.
After all, it is not worth ordering the product yourself from the manufacturer to try it out. 32,80 Euro for only four capsules is simply much too expensive and as already mentioned the remedy rather nothing. That is why it would be money thrown out and therefore a purchase is strongly discouraged.

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