Lissilust Review 2023 ❤️ SCAM or LEGIT?

Lissilust is a sexual enhancer for women, which increases the female libido and is supposed to provide for more pleasure during sex. It should also improve the elasticity of the skin and contribute to more pleasure and motivation during sport. The pleasure pill for the woman comes in capsule form and reminds optically of Viagra for the woman because of its colour.

Lissilust is distributed by Siam Shop and can be freely sold without a prescription. The information on the company’s website that the product is available in pharmacies is by no means true, since Lissilust does not have a PZN and is therefore not listed in any pharmacy. The website with its faulty German translation does not make a good impression. Probably the aim here is to inspire confidence in women through the connection to the pharmacy.

It seems that we at Lissilust are involved in a fraud, but nevertheless, as always, we approach the product impartially and put it through its paces. Does the preparation deliver what it promises? In the following we clarify everything.

✅ What does Lissilust promise?

Even at first glance, Lissilust’s spectrum of activity is quite impressive. The preparation should not only increase the female libido and provide for more intensity and duration during sex, but also give the skin more elasticity and motivate during sports. Basically, these are all effects a woman wants. Not exactly by chance, if you want to get your product to the woman.

In addition, Lissilust should be completely free of side effects thanks to the three natural active ingredients contained in the preparation, such as immortality herb, spirulina and Malabar tamarind.

✅ What are the advantages of Lissilust?

As far as the positive effects of the pill are concerned, the manufacturer promises the blue from the sky. Of course it sounds good that Lissilust, in addition to its potency-enhancing properties, gives the skin more elasticity and motivates it to do sports. However, the whole thing must be enjoyed with great skepticism. In the course of our previous evaluations of sexual enhancers, we have unfortunately never encountered a so-called panacea. Based on these experiences, we do not believe that Lissilust can do this.

According to the manufacturer, Lissilust is well tolerated and completely free of side effects. As the product consists of purely herbal ingredients and is very low in dosage, we have little objection to it.

✅ What are the ingredients of Lissilust?

Lissilust consists mainly of three active substances that are said to be responsible for the promised effects. In the following we will look at all three of them:


  • : Jiaogulan is a plant species that is also known as immortality herb. The plant is used in traditional Chinese medicine and is associated with heat- and poison-releasing as well as liver-protecting properties. However, no potency-promoting properties are known that have been scientifically proven. In addition, the active substance is not approved as a foodstuff in the EU.


  • : Spirulina, also known as blue algae, belongs to a genus of cyanobacteria. The active substance has actually been shown to have some positive effects on health, but neither scientific studies nor user experience are known with regard to potency.

Malabar Tamarind

  • : This active substance, also called Garcinia Cambogia, has been presented as a new remedy for weight loss for several years. However, this effect has not been scientifically proven and in view of the libido-promoting properties there is neither scientific evidence nor positive experience reports on the net.

✅ How effective is Lissilust?

Due to the active ingredients contained in the product and their low dosage, Lissilust is certainly not effective in any way. Other promised effects than libido enhancement are not related to a potency enhancer and can therefore not be guaranteed. Rather, it testifies to the unseriosity of the manufacturer. Furthermore, there is practically no positive experience report about the product to be read on the net, of course except for the fictitious success stories on the websites operated by the manufacturer for the sale of sexual enhancers.

✅ How to use Lissilust?

Lissilust is taken according to manufacturer once daily 1-2 hours before the planned sexual act on an empty stomach with much water. Before taking the pill you should refrain from eating greasy food, in the best case do not eat anything 2-3 hours before use, as the effect of the pill can decrease considerably.

Does Lissilust have any side effects?

Since the pill, as already mentioned, consists only of natural ingredients and these are also too little dosed, any side effects are virtually excluded. However, this medicine may interact with other medicines. In such cases, physicians should definitely be consulted.

Where and how can you buy Lissilust at what price?

Buying Lissilust is a very delicate business. The manufacturer operates various online shops where, in addition to Lissilust, you can also order other sexual enhancers. On the net, we have come across reports accusing the manufacturer of fraud. Apparently, some orders were not sent and the company did not respond to subsequent emails.

The prices don’t make the whole thing any better, because you pay a full 14.90 euros for a package size of 2 tablets. With 7.50 euros makes eden Sexualakt a very expensive pleasure.

Conclusion: How recommendable is Lissilust?

Our verdict should be clear to everyone by now. On the one hand, Lissilust does not deliver what it promises all along the line, which was to be expected from the outset. On the other hand, the manufacturer is one of the most dubious companies we have encountered. The website comes with incorrect German and without imprint and it is promised in relation to effects, what the stuff holds. In addition, the experience reports of the supposed users on the company’s own website seem fictitious at first glance and some customers report that their paid orders have not been shipped.

With regard to a product, a judgement could hardly be more negative. We strongly advise against buying Lissilust because of this and recommend you check out other Women’s Potency products on our web site, where your money is better invested.

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