Euviril Review 2023 ❤️ SCAM or LEGIT?

Euviril is an effervescent drug that is used to treat erectile dysfunction. Here the active ingredient L-Arginine is used as the main component and is intended to serve as a vasodilator for the dietary treatment of dysfunctions of a sexual nature.

Euviril is manufactured by Sanimamed Europe and is available for purchase over the counter in pharmacies or online pharmacies. As the product consists of purely herbal active ingredients and is therefore available without a prescription, no side effects should occur when taking it.

At first glance, Euviril does not seem to have reinvented the wheel because, as with many other drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, the active ingredient L-arginine is used here. It is clear to us that L-Arginine is attributed to positive properties based on scientific findings for the treatment of erection problems. However, various factors such as dosage, bioavailability and the correct interaction with other ingredients play a major role. Can Euviril really differ positively from other similar herbal products and be the solution to erection and libido problems? In this article we take a close look at the preparation and examine it with regard to these aspects.

✅ What does Euviril promise?

As already mentioned, Euviril is a sexual enhancer for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and should therefore ensure the emergence and maintenance of male erection. The preparation relies on an amino acid called L-arginine as the only active ingredient that also occurs in many other sexual enhancers that have been the subject of other contributions. The amino acid is abundantly contained in beef and lamb and is said to release an enzyme called eNOS when taken into the body, which in turn ensures the production of the nitrogen monoxide NO. NO causes the blood vessels to dilate and the blood flow to the penis is stimulated to a considerable extent, resulting in an erection. NO also triggers a messenger called cGMP, which is responsible for relaxing the muscles around the penis. This allows fresh blood to flow freely into the penis in large quantities.

However, there is a catch in the matter and there is another enzyme called arginase, which is significantly involved in the whole process. This enzyme is, so to speak, a competitor of eNOS and tries to reduce its effect by splitting L-arginine into urea and L-ornithine. Although there are natural arginase inhibitors that reduce the activity of the enzyme to a minimum, none of these are contained in Euviril.

Since Euviril is a dietary product, it should be very well tolerated by the body. The preparation is even said to slightly lower blood pressure through the effect of vasodilatation. According to the manufacturer, the maximum dose of 2 tablets per day may be increased at short notice. However, one should generally adhere to the prescribed daily amount.

✅ What are the advantages of Euviril?

Euviril offers nothing new compared to other similar preparations. The preparation only needs one active ingredient, which is not exactly to its advantage. Only the very good tolerability can possibly be an argument for preferring Euviril to other similar products.

✅ What are the active ingredients in Euviril?

As already mentioned, Euviril only contains the active ingredient L-Arginine in 2 g dosage per tablet. Although the active substance has potency-promoting properties, how much of the potential can have a positive effect on potency given the low dosage and the absence of other substances is more than questionable.

✅ How to use Euviril?

Euviril tablets are dissolved in water and taken 1-2 hours before sexual intercourse. According to the manufacturer, the daily dose of 2 tablets may only be exceeded for a short period of time.

✅ Has Euviril any side effects?

Since Euviril consists only of the active ingredient L-Arginine, which is an amino acid, no side effects are known. However, the drug may interact with other medications and therefore a doctor must be consulted beforehand.

How and where to buy Euviril at what price?

Euviril is available over the counter in pharmacies and online pharmacies. The product can also be ordered via the company’s own website. After you click on ‘Order here’ under the desired product, you will be redirected to the other Sanimamed site where you can complete your order.

Prices vary from supplier to supplier and depending on the quantity, but for a pack with a total of 30 tablets you pay around 50 euros. It is a lot of money considering that each tablet contains only 2 g L-arginine.

Result: How recommendable is Euviril?

Although Euviril, like many similar sexual enhancers, may be completely free of side effects thanks to the only active ingredient contained in the product, a positive effect against erectile dysfunction is neither scientifically proven nor does user experience support it. The active ingredient L-Arginine is said to have potency-promoting properties, but alone and in this low dosage it has little effect.

In accordance with the counterarguments mentioned above, we definitely advise against the purchase. We recommend that you look for other sexual enhancers that promote potency and are also cheaper.

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